• Using Credits in Imvu

    Have you played Imvu Lately since the new update, you should definitely try it as it's even better. The new items that have been added to catalog completely changed the game and the way you make new friend in this social network. AP Content creator it's better to since people improved their skills and now they are producing really high quality items so you can buy with your credits. But what if you ain't go credits? Do you want to get some free imvu credits? Who doesn't at all since they boost your gaming experience and make you better player in less time as you would be without credits. There are few ways that you can earn credits through Imvu considering watching videos, completing surveys, inviting friends, completing offers and many more things. Fortunately all that isn't necessary with our generator as all you have to do it's select amount of credits you want to generate for your imvu account, I think that this can't be more simple than the way it already is. The credits you get through our tool or the credits you earn are available to be sent to other users as a gift, that's a wonderful option that imvu let us make more friends by sending gifts to each other we become closer and closer. Now comes the best part which it's called buying items, which it's easy too. All you have to do it's to browse catalog and select items menu based on what you like example for males or females, a great feature of shop it's that you can preview items how do they look on your character to see if you like that or if that does fit you, to do that all you have to do it's to click try on button in which item you want. If you think you have a good style of clothes and know how to design then you are way to lucky since imvu has a special tab named Create which will make it possible for you to create items and if you manage to sell enough of these items you will earn back Dev Tokens, after a specific amount of Dev Tokens you make you will be able to cash out for real money in life.

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